Wendy, a retired grandmother, was volunteering at her grandchildrens school and noticed all the plastic baggies that were being thrown out. She designed a reusable sandwich bag and snack bag for her grandkids. She hoped other children at the school would be interested in the reusable sandwich and snack bags.

Sarah, her daughter, realized her family was throwing out 1200—1500 plastic baggies every year. She has plans for children at schools  all across Canada and every one who packs a lunch, to embrace the concept of reusable sandwich and snack bags.

Sarah and her mother, Wendy, created SnackPacks.

SnackPacks have made  a difference in how families are treating the environment.

It is now easy for YOU to make a small choice that will have a big impact, using SnackPack bags as an affordable and easy alternative to single-use plastic baggies.

Plastics can sit for 1000 years before breaking down! These bags slowly leech petroleum based plastic particles into our soil, waterways, gutters, and drains. Thousands of animals die each year from eating bags mistaken for food.

Some Interesting Details

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Plastics in the environment facts and stats

The number of plastic bags used in Canada each year is staggering: Canadians use almost three billion bags per year! The average family of four uses 1000 plastic bags per year, and 98% of these end up in a landfill. Each child that takes a backpack to school ends up generating about 65 lb of garbage every year. 89% of this waste could be avoided by using multi-use food containers and bags!

Some countries are now levying heavy taxes on plastic bags. Ireland has reduced its plastic bag use by about 90% through the introduction of this taxation system in 2002. Some communities have placed outright bans on the use of plastic bags.

  • Using SnackPacks can cut down on 100% of this dangerous waste!!

  • MOMS love SnackPacks becasue they are  – Food safe – Affordable – Easy to use and Friendly to the environment.

  • KIDS love SnackPacks because they are – Fun – Colorful – Collectable and Friendly to the environment.

  • While SnackPacks are designed for carrying food , SnackPacks have many other uses as well – crayon carrier, makeup bag, party goodie bag, birthday present. You can tailor the use to your purpose and need.