Frequently Asked Questions

What is Food Safe PU coated nylon ?

Most importantly, our nylon is FOOD SAFE, free of BPA, Phthalate and Lead. FDA approved.

PU coated nylon has a polyurethane coating applied on the underside of the nylon.  The coated side of the nylon is away from the food. The polyurethane coating prevents air from passing throught the nylon into the SnackPack.

How do SnackPacks keep sandwichs fresh?

The PU coating on the nylon keeps the air out of the bag which is what keeps the sandwich fresh (the lack of air). The sandwich size SnackPack also has a double fold over of fabric at the top which also helps to keep air out of the bag.

Am I able to put moist foods in SnackPacks ?

Yes, the PU coating on the nylon also prevents the moisture of cut cucumbers or strawberries or grapes from passing out of the SnackPack. This makes SnackPacks water resistant but not water proof.

How do I clean SnackPacks?

Three ways to clean SnackPacks:

Turn the SnackPack inside out and wipe with a damp cloth.

Machine wash and dry.

Wash in the dishwasher and air dry on the counter.

My children lose things so how will we get our SnackPacks home?

We understand, so our label helps solve this issue. There is a space on the label for you to write you childs name or just your family name.This way the teachers can identify your childs SnackPack and return it to him/her. Also if your SnackPack ends up in Lost and Found, you can identify it.

Where do your fabrics come from?

Our nylon comes from the USA and is FDA approved.

Our cottons come from sources all over the world.

What is Your Return Policy:

We will give refunds (minus shipping costs) for unused SnackPacks.

Products must be returned within 7 days of reciept.

If you recieve a damaged , defective or incorrect item, please email us at [email protected]